Radiant Softline Waterproof Lip Pencil review

Radiant Softline Waterproof Lip Pencil review

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Radiant Softline Waterproof Lip Pencil_ReviewLip pencils are essential for a make-up look in my opinion. I like applying them before my lipstick for a better result. That’s why I decided to talk about my favourite one today.

I have been using the Radiant Softline Waterproof Lip Pencil more than a year. I love its lovely brown-nude shade (No 05 Raspberry) which is the perfect base for every lipstick.. It’s also so soft that I can use it easily despite the fact that my lips are a little bit dry most of the year. Moreover, it helps my lipstick stay all day long and in place no matter if I drink or eat something. Even if I just put that on, it stays untouched and has a beautiful natural look. As it’s name gives away, it’s a waterproof lip pencil and very affordable one.


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