Look of the day | Playful in Winter

Look of the day | Playful in Winter

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Look of the day_playful in winter

I’m this kind of girl who is cold easily on Winter. However, I love cute, feminine and playful outfits. I came up with a warm and stylish look for you when I was scrolling down on Instagram a few days ago.  It’s once again is based on basic pieces with a retro touch.

There is no need to choose only two colours as a combination of brown, beige and black will definitely be great. Pick a beige sweater to keep you warm while the black pleated skirt will attract all the attention. Don’t forget to wear a pair of black tights in a girly design. The only retro (kind of) piece is the pair of brown oxford shoes. It’s not a must have pair so do not hesitate to wear a pair of boots instead. We should always wear whatever makes us feel comfortable in any case. Depending on your country’s weather, complete your look with a coat and a scarf. If you live in North Europe, you might need a pair of gloves, as well.


Kleoniki was born and raised in Thessaloniki where she also studied Marketing. She likes chocolate, foreign tv-series, trips, romance and she comes up with something new everyday. On her personal blog, Notebook Of Claire, you can find her favorite topics such as beauty and outfits.



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