Adam Levine is the new YSL ambassador for Y perfume

Adam Levine is the new YSL ambassador for Y perfume

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Adam Levine is the new YSL ambassador for Y perfumeYSL Beaute recently announced that Adam Levine is the new brand ambassador for the Y perfume. Enriching the world of Y, the first upcoming campaign of Adam, directed by Colin Tilley, is going to open a new chapter, that will be an ode to a more intense version of the perfume. 

«Having the opportunity to widen my role on the side of YSL Beaute, while reaching a global audience through a brand that I’ve always admired for its unique style, and innovative spirit, is amazing. The continuance of the Y history is very important to me – I totally identify myself with the passion and the strong sense of individuality that the YSL house instills, and at the same time, I believe that this is great for now, for the creative generation of today» Adam Levine stated.

«We welcome Adam Levine to the family of the global YSL ambassadors. Really talented, and at the same time, a warm person with aesthetics we fully identify with, Adam is going to bring his own energy to the world of YSL Beauty. So we’re really excited that we can finally announce his new role as a global ambassador for the Y perfume.» said Stephan Bezy, President of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

The new campaign for the Y perfulme is going to launch all over the world in the middle of August 2018.


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