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Meet the blogger - Lemoncake Wardrobe -
I may not know Christina aka Lemoncake Wardrobe personally, but she has already win me over, through her blog, and I feel like we’re already friends. It’s easy to get this feeling due to her sweetness, and how down-to-earth and polite she is. Since the first time I read her posts, I was magnetized by the way she writes. Having been a copyrighter for many years, she knows how to write in a great way, but I believe that it’s something that comes natural to her. Apart from her texts though, I particularly love her personal style, which may vary from retro-inspired to quite modern. But it’s always feminine and elegant, and that’s why her blog is an endless source of inspiration. If you don’t believe me, check out the photos below, and don’t miss her interview. Make sure to also follow her on social media. 

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fashiontales interview photo

Meet Madison, owner of Fashion Tales, an international blogger that is eclectic — she posts about fashion as well as delicious dishes and décor. Madison loves to entertain, and pampers friends and loved ones with her homemade cuisine and table décor, that’s a feast for the eyes. She has tips on seasonal décor and her centerpieces are professionally done! She really has good taste for the best table décor I have seen. Now, let’s see what she thinks of blogging, how it started for her, and more!

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Meet the blogger - Just Another Vintageholic 1

I haven’t met Marianna in person (yet) but since the first time we talked online, I really liked her. She’s a sweet girl who loves everything that is vintage and that’s why she’s one of the most lovely presences in the blogging community. In her personal blog, she harmonically combines the subjects of fashion and beauty, as she is sharing her favorite products and her outfits with her followers. We are happy to introduce you Marianna through her interview below!!

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Meet the Youtuber - BeautyFist07 2-
Christina is the sweet girl who’s behind the Youtube Channel BeautyFist07. She started making her own videos at the early 2013, and since then she has rightfully won the love and liking of thousands of subscribers. I won’t say more though, because she’s going to introduce herself to you through the interview she gave us. What I’ve noticed about her though, is that she doesn’t have a shred of competitiveness in her, and that’s obvious from the constant support of the work of her fellow Youtubers. And I believe that this is what makes her stand out! Let’s get to meet Christina better…

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Anna is the blogger behind the lovely Melodic Thrifty Chic blog – she has an amazing and unique style, not only showing her clothes, but also writing. She teaches how to wear a dress as a shirt and loves colorful socks. She loves thrifting and she shares so good finds! Her accessories are always very nice, with beautiful necklaces and satchels, as well as sunnies and interesting hooded capes. She has studied Japanese and spent some time practicing and studying it in Japan, how cool is that? So, please, meet Anna, the lovely blogger interviewed this week:

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Meet the blogger - Stars and Stellars 1Stella was one of the first bloggers I met. She is a sweet and friendly person. Like the great beauty blogger she is, she has tried and has her own opinion for both high-end and affordable products. In her blog, Stars and Stellars she is writing reviews for all the products that she has tried, she informs you about new releases and she suggests her own favorites. We hope you like her interview as mush as we did!!

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The daily lace 1Irene from The Daily Lace can undoubtedly be considered as the classy girl next door. In her blog you’ll find feminine and all-time-classic outfits combined with her personal touch as she can easily match gorgeous dresses and timeless deux pieces in her very own way. She has upgraded business style to a complete different level, even knowing how to have fun in the office. You can find her unique fashion tips along with her style and lifestyle in her Internet-“child”, her blog, where girly and business chic are honored. We found Irene and she answered to 10+1 questions, exclusively at Stylishly Beautiful, to get to know her better:

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Meet the blogger - Red Rose Cheeks 2- StylishlyBeautiful.comI’ve been reading Katerina’s blog for many years, and I was always impressed, not only because of her lovely and unique style that definitely makes her stand out, but also because of the amazing photos it has. She has a great love for her blog, and that’s obvious from her work and her photos. Apart from fashion she also loves traveling, and she makes sure to take us with her on her trips through her well-written and well-photographed posts. So, meet Katerina and make sure to visit her blog and her social media accounts. 

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Meet the blogger- Fashion Addict 1
Even though Olympia is very young, she is the kind of girl that has a very good sense of style. She is always updated when it comes to fashion and she is never going to follow any trend blindly but she will “wear” it in her own way. Her personal style has many rock elements but there are some romantic, too. Learn more about her, through today’s interview and don’t forget to check out her blog, Fashion Addict.

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blogger christy and the city

I first met Christy in person about a year ago and the fact that she said whatever she was thinking really impressed me! One year later I am a big fan of her sharp mind and mouth because it’s important to say your opinion! I also am a fan of her style, which I would describe as minimal with many inspiring touches. She loves black and wears it all year long and I think her favorite item is a hat! So let’s see her answers to my 12 questions and get to meet her better!

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