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Essence trend edition kisses from italy

This August, with the new trend edition “kisses from Italy”, Essence travels to Italy! – in the country of colorful houses, the beautiful rocky shores and the sun shining in the sea. The products of the series have fresh colors, innovative composition and the ideal size to accompany you even on your travels – as wonderful as Italy itself!

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Essence quick & easy sponge nail polish remover reviewI had heard about these kind of nail polish removers a lot, and I wanted to try one. So when I was shopping from Essence one day, I grabbed this one here. At first I wasn’t impressed, but I gave it another chance and I was amazed. It really removed my nail polish easily, and it even removes glittery ones. You just put one nail at a time inside the bottle and rub it against the sponge. Some nail polishes need more rubbing to be removed but it’s very easy to do it and it doesn’t take long. The remover has a pleasant smell, which is always a plus and the product is inexpensive so it’s definitely value for money, especially if you think that you get a lot of uses out of it. I definitely recommend it and I’m going to buy it again.

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Essence lipliner pencil (1)

If you are looking for a lip liner that is affordable and has a good quality then it’s time to try the lipliners by Essence. I tested these three shades and I have to tell you that all of them are really good and last long on the lips.

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