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Bloggers we love - Bright.Bazaar 1

Will Taylor is the man behind the Bright.Bazaar blog. He has been blogging about his love of colorful design, fashion and travel since 2009. He loves anything nautical and stripes. His style is elegant with preppy elements. I absolutely adore it, even though it doesn’t refer to me directly. He never fails to combine colorful pieces in the most stylish way, so his blog has been an unlimited source of inspiration. Last but not least, he looks so sophisticated and sexy with his eye glasses and I’m sure that hundreds of girls all over the world are waiting impatiently for his outfit posts!!

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Bloggers' style - Purses & I

Purses & I, is the fashion & lifestyle blog of Laura Comolli. Laura was born in Turin in 1987 and has graduated law school with honors. She created her blog back in 2010, and it was actually one of the first to be created in Italy, in a try to escape her student life. Her blog is now one of the top 10 blogs of Italy, and Laura has collaborated with brands such as Dior, Chloe, Kenzo, Chiara Boni, Maliparmi, Maria Grazia Severi, has appeared on prestigious magazines and walked the Red Carpet of the Venice Film Festival, as a style icon. See a sample of her style photos below, and make sure to follow her blog and social media to find more.

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S for summer interview 3- StylishlyBeautiful.com
Summer is what you’d call “the girl next door”, and as her name states she loves summer, and every year she counts the days till summer’s arrival. Creative and playful she loves writing, and she likes talking about the things that make her happy through her lifestyle blog. But I’m going to let her talk for herself, through her interview. All you have to do is read her answers and check out her blog for more.

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Bloggers we love - Rarely Taken Seriously 1

Rarely Taken Seriously is one of those blogs that I discovered through Instagram. I fell in love with its owner, Kerrie Mitchell Burkee’s account and it didn’t take me long to start reading her blog. She’s originally from Ireland, but lives in Boston since September 2013 after meeting and marrying the man of her dreams. With a background in fashion journalism and styling, it isn’t strange that she created her own lifestyle blog where she shares her personal style with her fans. Her style is chic, feminine and classic. I believe she really likes colorful and playful looks as she looks so lovely on them. Check out her style in the photos below, and make sure to visit her blog!!

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Forcailini outfits

Meet Colleen, a fashion and food blogger from Birmingham, UK, owner of Forcailini blog! She has amazing suggestions about restaurants and how to keep fit, through exercising and nutritious dishes and recipes.  Colleen is a nutritionist, so she knows well what to recommend! Let’s read her interview to get to know her better!

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Bloggers we love - La Petite Olga 2 - StylishlyBeautiful.com

Olga is a Munich based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. I’ve been following her blog, La Petite Olga for years, and I love her style because it’s simple yet elegant. Olga is really pretty, and I love the fact that she wears minimal makeup and is always smiley in photos. I especially love her winter style, with blazers, cardigans, coats and the, latest-huge-trend chunky sweaters. Go visit Olga’s blog and check out her style. You’ll find all the links below.

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Bloggers we love - Kelly in the city 1

Kelly in the city is a lifestyle and fashion blog based in Chicago. Kelly has a degree in English and Journalism and she has worked as an eighth grade teacher, an online editor at a trade magazine and in newspaper reporting in the past. Currently, she is a full time blogger and she is doing freelance writing, editing and photography work. Her style is preppy, feminine and casual-chic. I love her warm winter outfits because she always combines them with amazing accessories and beautiful scarves. Her style is undoubtedly inspirational and that’s why she has been featured in many magazines and sites like Lucky, PopSugar, Glitter, The EveryGirl.com etc. Take a look below and don’t forget to check out her blog for more inspiration!!

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Meet the blogger - Aspects of Style 6- StylishlyBeautiful.com
I’m a really old reader of Anna’s blog and I recently had the chance to meet her in person, in Thessaloniki. Anna’s blog stands out from the other blogs because she not only posts about her personal style, but also about her travels, which she loves so much. She has visited many different countries and cities, and through her posts, you can visit them too. Her blog has evolved a lot through the years, and her love for photography is definitely noticeable, as her blog photos have a really unique aesthetic and can win you over, along with her well-written articles of course. So let’s get to meet Anna through the questions we asked her, and don’t forget to follow Anna’s blog, and her social media accounts too! 

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