Candybar | Thessaloniki

Candybar | Thessaloniki

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Places - Candybar Thessaloniki 12- StylishlyBeautiful.comIt’s been a while since our last “places” post, but we’re finally back with another favorite spot in our city, Thessaloniki. Let us introduce you to Candybar.

I discovered Candybar sometime last winter, and I was immediately hooked. This is definitely the sweetest spot in town; so cozy and cutely decorated… no wonder that it became one of our favorite meeting points with the girls of the team that live in Thessaloniki. It’s small but it can fit a lot of people, and even though it’s almost always full, you’ll find a table if you wait for a few minutes. Its staff is really polite and helpful and the atmosphere is really nice. I think most people (ourselves included) go there for their hot chocolates which are not only huge, but also delicious, and come in many flavors. You can also try their homemade refreshments, and desserts or their delicious cocktails which are also inexpensive. What I like the most, except for their hot chocolate (preferably viennois with a dose of Bailey’s), is that they always bring you candy as a side for your drinks. Take a look at our photos and make sure to visit Candybar if you ever find yourself in Thessaloniki.

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Agias Theodoras 4, Thessaloniki
Tel. 2310 550 4082
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