New perfumes for him & her by Korres

New perfumes for him & her by Korres

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Korres new perfumes for him and herIt’s worldwide famous that perfume is a classic yet chic choice for a Christmas present. Korres launched two new perfumes so they can give us more options. The Black pepper cashmere lemonwood Eau de toilette is an earthy, fruity and woody perfume for men. Its basic notes are lemon, tangerine, pineapple and grapefruit while black pepper, cardamom, lavender, cashmere and cedarwood complete its mysterious character. The Black Oriental Lily Violet Eau de toilette is a sensual and dynamic one for the demanding women. The black sugar bonds together with oriental Lily’s discreet freshness, violetta’s intoxicated character and vanilla. The result is sweet and warm because of the caramel and amber too, so it can be the absolute feminine fragrance. In the end, are you sure that you won’t be tempted to keep them for yourselves? Because we have already gotten hooked on their aroma!!



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