Pajamas and robes to wear during the day – Sleeper collection

Pajamas and robes to wear during the day – Sleeper collection

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Sleeper, a brand that was established last year, says it all with its name. This a line created by Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva for pajamas and robes, but not only to sleep – if you want, you can really go out wearing the items, and this was the way the two partners have conceived the brand to be. Miroslava Duma and Leandra Medine are fans of the brand! Sleeper is also the first Ukrainian brand to be sold by a luxury e-commerce site. The girls are rocking, being featured in important fashion magazines and now here, too!

The brand is not about the so-called “granny nightgowns”, as you will see, and offers only natural materials.

Sleeper pajamas couture

The two designers (former fashion editors) decided to create their own label after they couldn’t really find something they liked in shops – and if you give attention to what you wear during the day, why not at night, when you go to sleep, as well? Very good thought!

Photos courtesy of Vogue Italia and Not Just a Label


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