Swimsuits | Spring/Summer 2016

Swimsuits | Spring/Summer 2016

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swimsuits spring-summer 2016Today’s article is a guest post by a girl who has nothing to do with the blogging world, but loves fashion a lot. Liana wanted to share her love for fashion with us, and we were happy to give her the space to do so. Let’s see what she has to say to you! 🙂

I was always fascinated by fashion and I was constantly up to date with the new trends and new pieces of various designers. At the end of each season I was waiting impatiently the beginning of the next one and with undiminished interest I was going through all the fashion magazines and web pages searching to find something distinguishing that would stir my interest at first glance.. I could never find all I wanted in a single web page. So it is time to share with you my favorite hobby in order to guide you through this mess that prevails out there. Which is the best topic to start this article?? SUMMER!! Yes, it’s around the corner!! And what do we need to have during the hot summer days? The best swimsuit for each and everyone of us!!

So we searched and found for you the chicest and sexiest swimsuits of the market. Swimsuits in various designs, colors and of course at affordable prices. Swimsuits that highlight your girly and your romantic side, cut out bold designs and one-piece swimsuits, which made a dynamic entrance at our lives over the past few years, with even more feminine designs. Of course I couldn’t miss the dynamic entrance of the sport-design swimsuits which are different from what we are used to. Last but not least, swimsuits in the sexiest lines which are gonna skyrocket the “temperatures”!! Some say that every body-type has specific options, but my advice is:  WEAR ANYTHING THAT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU AND MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD!!!

swimsuits spring-summer 2016 swimsuits spring-summer 2016

Swimsuits from: Caledonia (2nd photo), Sugarfree (1st), MED (3rd)

by Liana Z.




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