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Future brides, there’s no need to worry! Anxiety isn’t the correct feeling for your wedding day, happiness is. If you searched all over the galaxy to find the wedding dress you’ve always been dreaming of, Pickweddingdresses is what you’re looking for. Kleoniki has already introduced the perfect wedding dresses for fall in the previous post, so here I come to present you some more beautiful dresses to choose the one that suits you.Pickweddingdresses Auckland 1

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Fall wedding dresses 1It’s well known that most women dream of their wedding day ever since they can remember themselves. I admit it; I’m one of them. It might look easy, planning every little detail in your mind, but there will always be something that you will be anxious about, and this is your wedding dress. You want it to look like a princess’ but it also has to be comfortable enough. You want it to be special, but not “too much”. Moreover, you have to consider the weather conditions, because if you are feeling cold, you won’t be able to enjoy the most beautiful day of your life, no matter how pretty you look.

Before you create a list with your city’s shops that you have to visit, we have a suggestion to make. You can find wedding dresses online, on the site Pickweddingdresses. Denise has already talked analytically about this e-shop in a previous post.

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I think the majority of girls love dresses with delicate and flowy fabrics, prom dresses in chiffon, organza or satin and other beautiful fabrics! Check out these cheap prom dresses from promtimes.co.uk  – and they are not only for a prom, but they can make your day more special – a special occasion, when you need something outstanding or to be a guest at a wedding or to be a bridesmaid, the choices to wear a fabulous prom dress are huge! We have found some amazing prom dresses at the lovely shop – who isn’t kind of always looking for beautiful and sophisticated dresses? We think you will like them, too! Please, get to know the shop and this selection, among many other beautiful gowns that will be of your taste – so let’s see some amazing dresses! It’s impossible to resist to this amazing shop and items! They have so affordable evening dresses! Check the A-line Chiffon Prom Dress below, with a vintage feel, that so many of us love these days and more!

 The selection includes these fabulous dresses below!

Beautiful Prom dresses

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Not wearing white after Labor Day is a rule – an old rule – that is being seen as an old snobbery thing today. The rule is clear: wear white during summer, it means, between Memorial and Labor Day. And after that, forget that white exists, wear what was or sometimes still is called as “Fall and winter” colors. Coco Chanel defied the rule and wore white all year long. What about you? Do you agree with the “rule”? Or do you wear white in winter, too? We have a great selection of Fall and Winter items now – and com’on, if fashion industry produces pieces with long sleeves… it’s because we can wear white after Labor Day! If you feel uncomfortable, anyway, maybe start mixing white with other colors:

White coats

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SherryLondon dresses 2Lots of you have been sending us emails asking us how to choose a dress for formal occasions, such as weddings, christenings, proms, or cocktail parties. Since we love all formal occasions we jumped at the chance to answer your questions and help you with your shopping. So, let’s start!

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Swimsuit season is officially on! I know that articles, such as this one, that tell you what swimsuits suit you best according to your bodytype aren’t something original, but sometimes they can be helpful. So I’ve gathered some swimsuits that are all available in stores online right now (you’ll find their links in the widget below) and I’ll tell you a few things, about what to keep in mind when choosing a swimsuit.


Rectangle bodytype:

Swimsuit for your bodytype - rectangle

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Summer is soon reality 🙂 and so, trips, holidays and the new trend, although well known, is “island life” – what would you wear on an island? Now you can wear nearly the same items in the city and you are already updated! Although many already wear these now “trend(y) items” for years, it’s now officially a trend for this summer and so, with the many amazing islands in Greece and all over the world, let’s see what’s offered by some popular online stores:

island life - what to wear

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The blazer issue 1

Spring is officially here and maybe it’s time to leave our warm coats behind. The blazer can be combined with most of the pieces of our wardrobe and you can play with many different styles. One classic combination is with a pair of jeans. For a sporty chic look wear it with sneakers, and for an elegant one, a pair of high heels is the most suitable choice. If you combine your blazer with a shirt and a skirt you will have a beautiful girly look. Don’t be afraid to choose a colorful blazer or even a floral one. You will discover that they can easily be combined with a white t-shirt or pieces in similar shades. An important part of every combination is definitely the accessories. They can transform your outfit and give it the final touch.  So girls, check out today’s post and get inspired!!

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